MedSolutions attributes its thriving business to its top notch staff and service-oriented approach. We only hire skilled and experienced medical professionals. The process we use to ensure quality and delivery are evident in our increasing business and satisfied clients.


Each client is viewed as a long-term business partner. Once we understand the client's business, needs, requirements and priorities, we are able to deliver tangible results.


We also take care to facilitate clear communication at each step of the way since many failed projects stem from assumptions, unclear or confusing dialogues and miscommunication.

  • A Trusted Medical Services Provider

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      About Us

      Founded in 2001 by two physicians with the concept in mind of helping other physicians, the idea of MedSolutions, Inc. was born.

      We bring to our client base the skills and expertise needed in the Medical Services Industry. Our infrastructure and process helps our clients improve and elevate the quality of their work by improving efficiency and profitability.

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      Using up to 1 Mbps downstream and up to 768 Mbps upstream connection from the country’s most reliable telco/internet provider, with ongoing talks of acquisition of more bandwidth tailor fitted to its projected growth.

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      Client Testimonials

      As the old saying goes, “Business is business,” but, in my opinion, MedSolutions, Inc., goes far and above this age-old saying, and really personalizes a business relationship. Having worked alongside MedSolutions, Inc., for eight years, they have really made myself and my employer feel comfortable, leaving our transcription and medical record reviews in their very capable hands. Their communication and work ethic is exemplary and their finished product is always top-notch. The turnaround time is fantastic and anytime we request an expedited report, they always exceed our expectations. MedSolutions, Inc. has really been a great aid to the success of my employer’s practice. We would recommend them any day of the week.

      – Joseph D. Lamberti
      Mark Greenspan, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

      Working with Renee and Ram from MedSolutions, Inc. has saved us so much time and energy. They always come with a smile and a positive outlook.
      – Linda Resnick
      Mark Greenspan, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

      MedSolutions has been our company’s transcription service for over 5 years now and I must say MedSolutions has provided very good service in that time. The quality of work is excellent and the service is exemplary. The staff are friendly and very service-oriented and take a personal approach to servicing their clients. Stat reports are done quickly and timely and in my experience a member of the staff is always available in case of an urgently needed stat report. Our company is pleased with their service and I personally highly recommend MedSolutions to any in need of good quality transcription service.
      - J. Gray
      Transcription Department
      Pasadena Rehabilitation Institute

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      Our staff bring to MedSolutions the expertise in all aspects of Medical Transcription and Medical Review of Records.

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      All files are fully secured, with the use of a secure FTP, 128-bit SSL encryption technology, with logins and passwords, daily physical inspection of incoming and outgoing personnel, and training in HIPAA compliance.

      Total capacity for medical transcription is up to 20,000 lines per day, with capacity to ramp up production to double after three weeks notice.